Oak B HBT Four Pocket Tunic

Oak B HBT Four Pocket Tunic


OAK-B 4-POCKET TUNIC These ultra rare sets printed on HBT 100% Linen Drillich material in the exact weave. Camouflage pattern with an 18" repeat like the original. It has grey rayon satin lining, Key-eye button holes, correct grey thread 4 eye grey-green resin cuff buttons. Correct period size and Depot markings. Double-sided Spring to Fall camouflage with "bleed thru" on the brown side. Sewed exactly as per originals with all details, these are the most desirable of all HBT camos.

Sizes available: US chest sizes in inches 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50

An incredible set! These are collector quality replicas. There are no finer examples on the market today. Can be compared by looking in Mike Beavers Book, Camouflage uniforms of the Waffen

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