SIZE 7 (Women's 9) ONLY. Model I Type II Russet Low Boots reinforced with rubber soles.

SIZE 7 (Women's 9) ONLY. Model I Type II Russet Low Boots reinforced with rubber soles.

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First introduced in the late 1930s as the US Army Service Shoe with leather soles. Then reinforced in 1941 when war broke out with rubber half-soles and called RUSSET LOW BOOTS. Ours are made with All leather construction that will not dissolve in water like foreign made copies. Welted to assure a long life. Full leather soles with stitch-in 100% rubber half soles and heels. If you want a pair of boots that were made exactly as they were over 65 years ago, these are the pair to own. They are constructed with genuine Goodyear welts. Don't be fooled by the fake welts with glued soles used so often on Chinese imports. Our thread is not cheap nylon that unravels within weeks of use, but rather made in USA dual duty cotton wrapped poly-core for super strength. It's the best on the market today (ten times the price of Asian thread).

The inner soles of the boot (the leather bottom that the half soles and heels are sewed to) are made from heavy roller pressed ‘Vaqueta’ leather, not cardboard or glue-bonded press leather typically used in cheap imports. There are no shortcuts.You only have to weigh them in your hands. You will see that ours are almost twice as heavy as the imports. These shoes will survive use in mud, snow & water. 

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Our boots are made by skilled craftsmen the same way they were made back then, by the same company who made them under contract for the US Gov't. during the war. The Gov't contracted many companies and one of them is and has been making the boots for us. Our footwear is used in film after film...."Saving Pvt. Ryan" Pearl Harbor" "Band of Brothers" "The Pacific", to name a few.

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Sizes Available: 7, 8, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5