Golden Tiger Camouflage Jacket Vietnam Era Elite Forces

Golden Tiger Camouflage Jacket Vietnam Era Elite Forces


GOLDEN TIGER JACKET ALSO KNOWN AS "JOHN WAYNE" TIGER These advisor Golden Tiger Camouflage Jacket is made from: Light weight tight weave 100% cotton twill material vat dyed, then printed. Exact buttons are used that look just like the originals. A unique Golden Tiger Jacket that looks and feels like an original! If you always wanted a "John Wayne" Golden tiger jacket, this is it. Patterns and colors copied from mint original samples. Used by US Elite Seal Teams and special advisor forces. No expense has been spared for this highly collectable limited production "Golden Tigers".

This rare Golden Tiger along with the golden tiger  camouflage are the most sought after by hard core collectors and reenactors, only different in age from originals. We only print and manufacture limited quantities at the highest quality standards only available in the USA. PRINTED AND MANUFACTURED BY SM WHOLESALE USA CALIFORNIA

JACKET - (SMALL=38-40), (MEDIUM=40-42), (LARGE=42-44), (XLARGE=44-46), (XXL=46-48) 

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