A-2 Horsehide Jacket

A-2 Horsehide Jacket


THE A-2 Horsehide and Goatskin Jacket

Tens of thousands of A-2 Flying Jackets were produced from 1931 to 1943, when they were phased out and replaced by cloth shell B-10 and B-15 jackets. While original War Department specs called for horsehide construction, the huge volume of jackets required for production during the Second World War resulted in the use of several different types of hides. Perhaps the most robust, hard-wearing, yet soft and comfortable of all were the A-2 Flying Jackets made of STEERHIDE. Due to the unique properties of this hide, and the relatively few numbers of originals ever in existence, it is this rare jacket that the Steve McColgan Clothing Company has decided to reproduce.

TANNING PROCESS. As during the war years, only raw unfinished hides, known as “natural crusts,” of 2 to 3 ounce Steerhide were hand chosen. They are then finished in three authentic colors: RUSSET, CHESTNUT, or SEAL BROWN. The color is lightly hand sprayed over the natural crust, as were the originals, so that the dye lays on top rather than permeating all the way through. Over time, as the jacket acquires creases and wear, the natural color beneath will begin to reemerge, exactly like originals.


Scalloped pocket flaps.
Snaps reproduced by Scovill.
Zippers reproduced by Talon.
Original wartime aluminum eyelets under the arms.
Knit cuffs & waistband in “no seam” tube style.

Woven rayon label in collar, as original.
AAC silk screened stamp inside the wind flap.
AAC inspector stamp on 6 ounce cotton poplin lining.
Cotton covered collar snaps.
Collar hooks (hand installed).

Leather embossed name plate (optional $25.00)

QUALITY. These jackets are as luxurious and authentic in every detail as A-2 jackets produced in England, Japan, and Australia, but for a much more reasonable cost.

Even sizes 36 – 50. Customs sizes available. 

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