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This is one of the rarest pieces of US footwear. We were fortunate to have an original pair to copy. They are constructed from US goodyear welts, built to last a lifetime! They are not fake welted boots as offered by chinese manufacturers who merely glue the soles to the boots. Remember all SMWHOLESALE BOOTS are US Goodyear welted. No one can make this claim!!! Let's start with the upper; made from 2.6-3.oz "Bullneck" leather.  There is no leather more durable, as per navy specs.  

Leather sole, then a one piece 100% rubber sole and heel!!! The inside plant is 100% vacetta leather(not cardboard ) like all chinese replicas!! Eyelets are WWII dead stock!! Laces, "cross weave" 100% cotton, just like the originals!! Made on the correct NAVY last, unique to US navy footwear. We are so proud of this boot. 

Avail in US sizes 7-8-9-10-11-12-13.   

We have only brought in about a 100 pair so please don't hesitate.  They took us a year to make!

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